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about us

KiriTrees Plantage

In this part we will try to give a short and clear overview of the initiation and development of our business.
Our business is called KiriTrees Plantation and is engaged in the cultivation of Paulownia (Elongata) trees.
We plant the trees, raise them, care for them and harvest the finished trees. The main goal of our company is to penetrate the European market, Asia and America. The land where we plantations is located in Kosovo. The product of our company is intended for the industrial market and private consumption. To start our business and to realize the idea in production we offer investors to create a lucrative climate neutral portfolio here.

Growth rate



We grow the Paulownia tree in Europe and especially in the Balkans. The very warm and dry summers and fertile soils provide the best conditions for planting Paulownia trees


Light. Strong. Durable. Due to its low weight, the Paulownia tree is noticeably superior to other types of wood in many areas. It is a material that offers a wide range of possibilities and, thanks to its material-physical properties, represents a valuable discovery for the steadily growing market segment of lightweight construction. Here, the advantages associated with weight reduction score points above all:

  • Mobility:  Ship and boat building, surfboards, model and glider aircraft, caravan construction.
  • Construction: Ceilings, stairs, windows, modular buildings and tiny houses, wooden facades, structures for trade fairs, events and stages.
  • LIFESTYLE: Furniture, home accessories such as vases and bowls, garden furniture, packaging and storage containers and much more.

Key of Success

KiriTrees will be focused on growing and selling of Paulownia Tree, which is important for industrial production of wood, biomass, ethanol, feed, paper etc., because of its quality and sustainability. Planting of paulownia is extremely profitable! It is not in vain called " The Wonder - Tree" or "The Oil Weil Tree". lf you wish to grow paulownia industrially or you are engaged in the landscape architecture or just want to know more about this tree of wonder, its features and proper planting, then you are in the right place!


Our mission is planting tree that will create new areas of woodland to provide high quality trees. Our mission is also to protect the environment and use neutral resources sustainably throughout our trading and promote environmentally responsible initiatives to create new models to promote sustainability


KiriTrees aims to be recognized by utilities as providers of the highest levels of quality, service, responsiveness, reliability and value.

For a good life

We offer Paulwania for a good life

Climate change is changing our world - floods, storms, heat waves, or cold, hurricanes, mudslides and other natural events are occurring with increasing frequency. What can a single person do about it, you may ask? We have the solution for you. Improve your personal CO² footprint. With just one KiriTree you can truly change the world. Become a climate knight!